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Addiction Testimonials

Geoff’s story

Geoff was helped by Richard Kingdon of City Beacon

“I work as a Trader in a major institution in the City of London. I started work straight after college. People expected me to really work hard and play hard and I did. It led me to almost losing my job and my family. My boss knew and my wife saw I had problems with alcohol. I was the last one to know. They suggested rehab, but at upwards of £20,000 for a six-month stay, no employer was going to wait around for me and I could not afford it. City Beacon showed me other options.

“I have three kids and a really supportive wife but she could not take my behaviour any more and was out of her mind with worry. I was getting erratic on the job and stank of drink and didn’t realise. Deep down I believed I was going insane. My wife threatened to leave me and begged me to get help. I decided to trust the people who really loved me and I was introduced to Richard, now at City Beacon, the alcohol and drug treatment service based in the City of London for people who work there.

“I wanted to manage my drinking at first. I thought just stopping was not an option for me and that I couldn’t do it anyway. Richard said reducing drinking worked for some people, so we tried it.

“I needed to see someone after I finished work, and Richard was able to arrange ten sessions of an hour a time that wasn’t going to break my bank balance any more than a few nights out used to do.

“I was a grown man but at one point I couldn’t stop crying. I didn’t know what planet I was on. I was offered a whole day with Richard on one of my days off which was just what I needed. I don’t know anywhere else you would get that. Another option was round the clock telephone support. The service was there to suit me, not me having to suit other people, and when I was trying to hold down my job.

“The other brilliant thing was that I could trust Richard and was reassured everything was confidential. No medical records were kept that could be used. I know the stigma that there is when people seek help and it can backfire on your life. It’s been an amazing journey. Just making that first telephone call to Richard is all it took and a bit of self-honesty. I would say that being really honest with myself was the hardest thing I had to do. I’ve not looked back. I also stopped using alcohol.”
*Geoff is not his real name

“I have known Richard for many years and worked with him. He not only possesses the hands-on experience in the field of substance abuse, helping to turn lives around, but brings valuable insights and empathy based upon personal knowledge. This is a valuable combination”

Chief Executive EATA (2009)
Former Chief Executive of the UK treatment charity, Addaction


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