Friday December 01 , 2023

How We Work

We at City Beacon don’t believe in delivering a ‘one size fits all’ service like a lot of other treatment facilities, which Is why we offer an in-depth client centred assessment so that we can tailor the use of different approaches depending on the clients goals and needs.

All of our sessions are completely confidential and one to one, most of which are at our offices in 3 Lloyds avenue, EC3N 3DS.  However we do also arrange for individual sessions off-site and/or Block sessions at suitable locations home or abroad depending on treatment plan.

We will help you to explore your options. You may decide harm reduction working towards moderation is the way forward for you.  You may decide that abstinence based treatment might be the approach for you.  This may involve learning about the harms and risks of drink and drug use.

We can offer a range of different techniques such as relapse prevention, recognising your triggers, learning to deal with cravings and urges, dealing with euphoric recall, assessing high risk situations, drink & drug using thoughts, stress management. Planning coping strategies for people in the City, entertaining clients, how to function in the City drinking culture, understanding the high pressures, culture and lifestyle of City working.

Also, how to have fun in sobriety, sober mentoring, dealing with destructive behaviour and the shame and guilt associated with it.

At city beacon we are geared to empowering our clients, as ultimately it is they who need to look after themselves.


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