Friday December 01 , 2023

Nicolas Knight

Nicolas Knight

Having worked in The City Of London and in overseas positions for many years as a Broker, Nicolas became a Director and Partner of one of the City’s leading firms at the age of thirty six. He was professionally and financially very successful, at an early stage in his career but the rewards came at the price of failing health, unhappiness and alcohol abuse.

Since 1992 Nicolas has been involved not just in his own recovery, but also in the recovery of many other people with alcohol, drug and related addictions. His first hand experience of helping others to recover enables Nicolas to pass on his knowledge and insight into addiction, placing you firmly on the road to recovery.

Nicolas has lived and worked in Luxembourg on and off for 20 years now, and has been asked to speak to pupils in the local English speaking International Schools, as part of their drug and alcohol awareness and education programmes. He is only too aware that the problems affecting workers in the City of London are not unique, and the devastating results of substance abuse and other addictions in today’s highly pressured society, are seen and felt everywhere.


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