Wednesday October 17 , 2018

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Christmas drivers offered free soft drink

Designated drivers will be offered “free” soft drinks as part of the government’s Christmas anti-drink-drive campaign.

Some 8,000 pubs are taking part in the scheme which offers a buy one, get one free deal on soft drinks. The scheme follows a partnership between the government’s road safety campaign THINK! and Coca-Cola.


Tinkering at the edges will not tackle alcohol harms

Tinkering at the edges will not tackle alcohol harms claims leading charity

Commenting on the announcement to ban the sale of alcohol below cost and the announcement on beer duty , Chief Executive of Alcohol Concern, Don Shenker said:

“Alcohol Concern is pleased that the government is seeking to use the tax structure as a lever to tackle alcohol-related harms. However, they are tinkering at the edges, failing to address the fundamental inconsistencies within the alcohol duty system.


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